Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
First European Tezos Hackathon: Day 1.
Recap Workshops, Networking and Plans
The first day of the Eastern European Tezos Hackathon was successfully finished. Teams have tested the ground, mentors from Stove Labs and Baking bad have presented a few useful tools for Tezos smart contract development, other developers had an amazing time participating in different workshops. Everything was good, and here's a quick recap of the Day 1.
More than 100 developers and other specialists in different technology areas joined the event yesterday, expressing genuine interest towards the Tezos Network. The technology itself promises many positive changes in the Blockchain field, and the Hackathon is centered around the development of different solutions related to Non-Fungible Token standard, decentralized applications, bakers and developers tools, different analytical instruments and much more!

While many developers have comprehensive experience in the development of various solutions, mentors from Stove Labs and Baking Bad have presented important tools that should help all participating teams in the development of their products. Breaking Bad have rolled out Better-Call-Dev Smart Contract Meta Explorer and PyTezos Library that tremendously help in debugging and interaction with smart contracts. Stove Labs have presented a special SDK which eases the development process.
By the end of the event, teams had discussions with mentors which helped them to take an appropriate development course. Everstake, Bake'n'Rolls, Tezos Commons and other organizers, as well as sponsors, are happy to host such an event in Kyiv, Ukraine. And we hope that participating teams will get additional skills and knowledge after the successful completion of the Tezos Hackathon.

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