Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
First European Tezos Hackathon: Day 2.
First MVPs and Status Checks
When it comes to ideas, teams are willing to go for them really far, and that's what makes this event different in many aspects. The motivation of small and big teams was very strong, and some of them have already presented their MVPs, while others are still developing and fixing various issues. And the thing that can be definitely said, tomorrow we are going to see some interesting products. Find more details in this Day 2 Recap!
Today many teams were able to create their product infrastructure while taking the first steps towards the solution development. In just one day, many of them were able to reach significant results in their progress, creating first minimum viable products. But some of them are still struggling with some technical issues in hopes to resolve them during the night or tomorrow morning.

Mentors are doing a great job, helping developers with some of the most difficult issues that teams are stumbling upon. For the whole day, they were approaching participants, humbly sharing their knowledge and support. Teams are actively using tools that were presented by Stove Labs and Bake'n'Rolls, and we hope that these solutions will help to develop the best products possible during this short period of time.

Tomorrow we'll have the last day of the Hackathon, where teams will present their solutions in the evening. Overall it can be said that this Hackathon is very productive in terms of development, support, and delivery. And in just 24 hours we'll be able to see a variety of interesting products that must help the Tezos technology adoption globally. But for now, you can see the progress status of all teams, that is briefly described below.
Safe Deal
Guys from Safe Team have developed a Bot with basic functionality, designed a full workflow. And, and at the moment they are working on NFT token and smart contracts development, as well as test accounts launch.
Feed Rent
They have fully prepared the back-end, as well as Chat Bot that has been successfully developed. At the moment they are working with Tezos blockchain in order to finalize the launch of their service.
They have set up the Granary and deployed their own smart contract for their multifunctional platform that allows distributing, exchanging, buying, or selling NFT tokens. And also, they prepared the front-end part too.
NFT Tickets
Currently, they are working on the back-end and front-end which will be ready tomorrow. Unfortunately, they have a problem with smart contracts, but they are actively resolving it now. We hope that tomorrow they will roll out their fully working product.
There are some issues with emit implementation, and currently, the team is deciding whether or not they will implement the 0xBTC. The solution is almost ready, but it only allows partial conversion of the Solidity code into Tezos smart contracts. Their product will be presented tomorrow.
They have created basic layouts, concepts, and models. At the moment, they have working transactions, balances, history, and operating accounts. Tomorrow morning they will be rolling out their wallet.
The team is developing the terminology database that will help specialists in the legal field to make appropriate juridical decisions across many industries.
ShitCoin Bancor Builders
At the moment they are preparing the smart contract which will allow accepting a variety of different cryptocurrencies for the exchanging service.
Flat Animals Lottery
Flat Animals Lottery is working right now on the random number generator for lotteries. They designed the architecture and prepared the back-end part. Tonight they will generate their tokens via smart contract.
Car Sharing TZS
During the hackathon, the team was working on their product, fixing bugs, and polishing it for tomorrow's presentation.

Tezos IOT
Team members have defined the IOT device that they will use for their business idea. Also, Tezos IOT has set up the Tezos library and was experimenting with it. They are planning to deploy their solution on the Tezos blockchain tomorrow.
Big (.)(.)
They have got half of their project done, finalizing their business model. Currently, they are working on the front-end and Tezos back-end implementation.

Tezos EDU
Tezos EDU has successfully installed the environment and prepared the back end and the front end part. They described the business logic, and now they are developing a smart contract via LIGO.
Smart Authority Rights
This team has installed the necessary environment and SDK. Moreover, the website for the product was already launched. Today they will deploy the smart contract, and tomorrow they present the product.
Team has prepared the service for validators. At the moment they are developing smart contracts along with non-fungible tokens. Tomorrow they will demonstrate their product.
Unnamed Project
Participants of the Unnamed Project is designing an NFT token, which allows providing the ownership transfer service for a variety of business models and companies. Currently, they are actively working on their product while fixing some issues.
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