Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Eastern European Tezos Hackathon Winners
Very often, such events define how a particular technology moves forward because the synergy between people and the number of molded ideas really makes the whole difference. The hackathon was filled with a variety of different emotions, struggles, and of course, victories. Teams were able to develop great products in a short time, pushing the Tezos adoption to the next level!
Creativity Brings Progress

First of all, we want to express our congratulations towards teams who won the competition, and also big thanks to everyone who has participated in the Hackathon! During these three days, teams were able to go from discovery to delivery of their products successfully. And some of the developed solutions during the weekend will significantly help many other developers in Tezos Community.

One of the most important products that were developed by the Compiler team allows converting the Solidity into the Tezos smart contract code almost on the fly. It brings great adaptability and also it should save thousands of working hours for developers all across the globe. Compiler teams have won the first place on the Hackathon, securing a $5,000 prize. We wish further success to all team members!
Good Products Help Technology Mass Adoption

NFT Tickets team has secured the second place, winning $3,000 and presenting a useful ticketing service which is capable of issuing, buying, selling or transferring the ownership of tickets for any type of events between people and organizations using the NFT standard. Such an implementation completely eliminates all possibilities of scam or fraud when working in this type of industry. Companies will be able to save millions of dollars, and clients won't get into unpleasant situations.
The third place with $2,000 prize was taken by Thanos team which has developed a Tezos Wallet which can be installed as the Google Chrome Extension. It allows storing, receiving, and transferring XTZ and also NFT tokens. The application allows interaction with decentralized applications and uses smart contracts.
Blaize team was able to take the Audience Choice Award winning $1,000. They have designed a multifunctional platform which allows distributing, exchanging lending of different tokenized assets based on the NFT standard. This service can work as a marketplace, helping individuals to exchange a variety of physical and virtual goods, services, and much more.
We at Everstake are proud to host such an event together with Bake'n'Rolls, sponsored by Tezos Commons and TQ Tezos. And also, we believe that the hackathon has helped to unite more people, opening a new window for further development of the Tezos ecosystem. Again, thanks a lot to everyone who has visited and participated in the hackathon. See you next time in Kyiv again! Success!
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