Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Eastern European Tezos Hackathon: Get Ready for NFT
Only a few hours are left now until the first-ever Eastern European Tezos Hackathon starts. For the three following days, Kyiv will become the center of Tezos development in Eastern Europe, to bring out the fresh ideas for utilization of the Tezos blockchain. We believe that this event will give a significant push to the Tezos developer community, as it gives great networking atmosphere and the opportunity to speak to some of the prominent mentors from the local Tezos scene.

The participation is free after a compulsory registration, and everyone with certain blockchain development background is welcome. The prize fund of $10,000 will be distributed between the first three winners and an additional nominee with the most significant social impact.

What to wait from the hackathon?

We have already announced that the topic of the Hackathon is the NFT standard. The NFT is a great blockchain-based representation of an object with a unique value, that can't be copied or altered. We would like to recommend the teams to think about another valuable implementation of the NFT. Here are a few great use cases for NFT we've already stumbled upon:

  1. Gaming items stored as NFT in the blockchain provide the player with their full history and secures the item from theft. Unlike simple database records, NFT allow the in-game items to be traded securely, to be safe from a deletion in case of a problem, and even to work in completely different games!

  2. Event tickets are another great example of NFT implementation. They are limited and unique, they have value, and they are tradable. The NFT standard allows fast and easy generation of a set number of tickets with certain characteristics (ticket type, venue zone, seat number), free and economic trading of event tickets, and impossibility to fake one.

  3. Using the NFT instead of certificates in academic credentials allows faster turnover times, the absence of middlemen and provable credibility. Blockchain technology provides all levels of security for science papers during the review stage, up until the publication, with no needless expenses.
These options are great examples that have already seen some basic implementation. You can consider them as the foundation for your projects or come up with an idea from scratch.

Remember, our referees will evaluate the projects by their value for the community, usability and the level of technology implementation.

We would like to stress out once more that the participation in the Hackathon requires a registration at eeth.one. Join our Telegram community to be in line with the latest updates.

Get ready and see you!
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