Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Mentors #EETH: Heatherglade
Professionalism and in-depth knowledge are key factors that determine whether or not a particular product or company succeed in the long run. And in order to improve the existing Tezos technology, we at Everstake decided to host the First Tezos Hackathon in Eastern Europe, which will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine during September 6-8. On top of that, we have invited great specialists from the Heatherglade, who will play the role of the mentors on the event.

During the Hackathon, participants will be given a task to work on a specific solution associated with the NFT (non-fungible-token) standard of the Tezos Blockchain. Teams will have 24 hours to develop the software and make a brief presentation of it.

Mentors from the Heatherglade, Serhii Korniushov, Head of Backend Development and Andrii Konovalskyi, Head of Mobile Development, will help participating teams with their tasks during the Hackathon. It's important to mention that both Serhii and Andrii have deep knowledge in such technologies and fields as FinTech, GameDev, Blockchain, and others. They were also involved in the development of the financial product Monobank, as well as cryptocurrency exchange SprinkleXchange and other projects.

Developers and blockchain specialists who are actively participating in such events have a good edge and in-depth knowledge in such technologies as Tezos, which allow them to grow in their career fields significantly. Become a part of this event too, take an action today, because tomorrow you will be well-rewarded if your team wins the Hackathon.

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