Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Mentors #EETH: Stove Labs
Very soon, the First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon will open its doors for participants from different professional fields. The event will set the right tone for developers so that they can find and implement good ideas. Specifically for this, we invited professionals from Stove Labs who will play the mentors role at the hackathon.

Stove Labs has a profound experience in development related to the Tezos protocol, and during this year they have successfully released a development environment called Granary which allows developing Tezos smart-contracts using such programming languages as ReasonML, Liquidity, and Michelson.

Representatives from Stove Labs, Matej Sima and Istvan Deak who made a significant impact in development of Tezos protocol, will lead a few interesting workshops related to LIGO, Granary and NFT standard. Workshops will be conducted on September 6.

Don't miss such an opportunity to get valuable skills and knowledge from mentors, who helped to create a technology with capitalization crossing $650,000,000.

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