Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Eastern European Tezos Hackathon:
Teams' Brief Ideas Description and Voting
During the last few days, we have seen how teams are struggling to deliver their ideas. And hopefully, most of them were able to develop their products in time, presenting solutions that may boost the Tezos economy as well as decentralized finance. In this short read, you will be able to discover a brief description of all ideas that were presented by teams on the hackathon.

It was very motivating to see how teams expressed their creativity during the hackathon. And how teams, along with mentors, teamed up so that they could bring something to the world that has value for people who potentially would use those solutions. Some of the products are really promising, and most of them are on the prototype stage, but they are working, and it's a good achievement for such a short period of time.

We hope that bright ideas presented on the Hackathon will continue their journey, helping thousands of people across the globe in different areas of life. We were glad to see how friendship and effort were able to bring something new and interesting to the industry. And here's the short ideas description of every team that has participated in the event.
Safe Deal
The Safe Deal team wanted to create a service which allows conducting safe and trustless cryptocurrency exchange between people. The solution is based on the NFT standard as well as Tezos smart contracts.
Feed Rent
Guys from Feed Rent team have developed a decentralized rental platform which helps in tracking the history of the property, owner's reputation, and also it is accompanied with a flexible rating mechanism.
Blaze team has came with an idea to create a multi-functional platform which allows distributing, exchanging, lending of different tokenized assets that present value. Product is based on the NFT token standard and Tezos smart contracts.
NFT Tickets
NFT Tickets members have built a ticketing platform which eliminates any possibility of ticket fraud and scam. The system allows emission, tracking and ownership transfer using NFT standard and #Tezos Smart Contracts.
Participants from Compiler team will develop a great tool which allows exporting Solidity smart contracts to LIGO, saving significant amount of time and Human Resources!
Thanos members want to create a wallet similar to Metamask that can be installed in browser as a plugin. It will allow managing NFT tokens and XTZ. The app will help interacting with dApps, while using smart contracts.
The team wanted to develop the terminology database that will help specialists in the legal field to make appropriate juridical decisions across many industries.
ShitCoin Bancor Builders
ShitCoin Bancor Builders are planning to build a decentralized liquidity provider service on the basis of Tezos smart contracts which will allow exchanging different cryptocurrencies for XTZ and vice versa. The smart contract helps to provide liquidity and real-time price discovery without the need to match buyer or seller. (Implementation is similar to Bancor Network)
Flat Animals Lottery
Flat Animals Lottery want to build a transparent platform which helps conducting a safe and transparent lotteries. The product will use NFT token standard and Tezos smart contracts.
Car Sharing TZS
Car Sharing TZS team wanted to build a car sharing platform using the Tezos Technology. The service will support a variety of cryptocurrencies for payments.
Tezos IOT
Tezos IOT team has developed a decentralized service which allows paying for usage of the IOT devices such as coffee and vending machines, and others. The solution is based on the Tezos smart contracts.
Big Bubs
Big Bubs team has created a service which allows buying or selling different subscriptions such as Netflix, Adobe and others, using #Tezos Smart Contracts and NFT standard.
Tezos EDU
Tezos EDU developers have created the student record service, which allows tracking performance of individuals in the educational sector. It is based on #Tezos smart contracts and NFT standard.
Smart Authority Rights
Elena Dragan has presented the idea of Smart Copyright team, who built a service which helps in patenting and securing authority rights on various text documents using Tezos smart contracts.
R3 has designed a protocol which allows creating the communication and interaction between a variety of different blockchains using Tezos smart contracts.The functionality of the solution will interconnect different heavy computation services from external world such as neural networks and other.
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