Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Be ready! The First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon is coming!
We are now only a few days from the First Eastern European Tezos Hackathon, which will last for three days in Kyiv City, Ukraine, starting from 6 to 8 of September.

The hackathon will allow developers and specialists from different fields to get technical knowledge and skills associated with Tezos technology, and also it will help participants in development and effective delivery of their Tezos projects. The objective of this event is to develop software on the basis of Tezos technology such as decentralized applications, smart-contracts, analytical tools, baking tools, developer tools, NFT and others.

Every team consisting of 2–5 developers will choose one of the proposed development vectors on the hackathon. Participants will be given 24 hours to develop and present the product to the jury.

During the first day hackathon mentors will conduct a series of workshops, where everyone can get more information regarding technical aspects of the Tezos blockchain, which should help during the product development phase on the event.

On the second day, teams will be able to choose the desired development vector and start working on it. On the third day, the jury will review the products and decide winners, basing on such criterias as solution complexity, effectiveness of market-strategy, client-orientation level, and etc.

Hackathon winners will be rewarded with prize money, and also there's a chance of further cooperation in product development between winning teams and Tezos TQ, as well as Tezos Commons Foundation.

  1. First Place — $5,000
  2. Second Place — $3,000
  3. Third Place — $2,000
  4. Audience Choice Award — $1,000

Hackathon participants have to register on the official website before beginning of the event.
The event organizers are Everstake and Bake'n'Rolls.
Official Telegram channel: @TezosEasternEurope

Address: Business Center "Residence", Dovnar-Zapolskoho St, 7 (Lukianivska).

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/646444542531175/
Meetup.com: https://www.meetup.com/Everstake/events/264316258/
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