Eastern European Tezos Hackathon
Mentors #EETH: Baking Bad
Any technology, regardless of the industry, requires additional improvement and discussion, and Tezos platform is not an exception. We are glad to announce, that on September 6 the Everstake along with Tezos Foundation organizes the first Tezos Hackathon in Eastern Europe, which will be hosted in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Many blockchain teams are planning to visit this event, where participating developers will be given a task regarding the NFT (non-fungible token) standard of the Tezos ecosystem. All teams will have 24 hours to develop different solutions and present them to the jury.

Baking Bad will join the hackathon as a Mentor and will help competing teams with Tezos ecosystem technical details. Michael Zaikin and Maxim Strebkov will play the role of mentors and company representatives on the hackathon.

Tezos community know about Baking Bad's commitment towards ecosystem development. At the moment, they are actively involved in the development of such complex solutions as Pytezos, Netezos, BCD (smart-contract meta-explorer), TZKT (account-based explorer) and other projects.

On Friday, September 6, everyone will have a chance to join the workshop where Michael Zaikin will introduce such solutions as Python Toolset and Michelson Explorer.

Become a part of this great event, and get valuable skills as well as deep knowledge about the Tezos technology. Moreover, teams who win in this contest are eligible for a variety of good prizes, which will drive the motivation towards the further development and research of the Tezos ecosystem.

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